Billy Zane asked to be a part of the Superbowl halftime show, but the NFL said No: they didn’t want to be accused of a talent malfunction.

(Thanks Charles Starkey)



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4 responses to “Superbowl

  1. Sara

    Billy Zane is a supposed “friend” of Alki David, a Greek Billionaire who’s created his own website: Two events Billy Zane was to have attended on Alki’s site, and both events lacked Billy. Guess Alki didn’t pay Billy enough money.

    Just to confirm facts, Billy Zane and Alki David are in a movie together. You know that’s going to be an utter fail.

  2. Once, me and my husband watched Chicago on Broadway in NYC and he played the lawyer. All through the show, I knew that I had seen him before on TV but I could not recall where. When we were leaving through the doors, I saw his picture on the outside walls and it hit me, I remember where I had seen him, it was Billy Zane! Not even a second later, we saw him and stopped him. As soon as we stopped him, it was obvious that he did not have any time for us. My husband told him that he was great in the show and he had the audacity to tell us that we probably did not even watch the show! We got a photo with him, even though he did not want to, anyway we did not care at this point because he was not pleasant. Two other people recognized him too and he was really not in the mood. I think they got a photo of him and then he left very quickly, walking off through the crowds of people. I thought later on, I am only going to ask celebrities for their photo with me if they are not nice!

  3. BlueFlamer

    Who?…Why did you create this site to hate on him anyway?? Are you an ex-lover or some shit??

    A jilted girlfriend, perhaps? I mean, I haven’t looked this fucker up in YEARS, but the last site I ever remember him HAVING–not that he owned it because he didn’t. It was strictly a fan site– got hacked into years ago. It was kind of funny too because I raised six kinds of Hell with those “Zane-worshippers” before it got torn down. Fucking freaks.

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