Billy Zane’s Latest Job

Billy Zane’s career has sunk so low that the only acting gig he could get was as a mall Santa at the “Market” Strip Mall in San Antonio. But he showed up 4 months early, dressed up as Santa and spent time scaring small children. Why? Because whenever a kid came up to him, he told them that Santa was dead and he was “The Phantom” filling in. Only Billy Zane can ruin Christmas in August.



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9 responses to “Billy Zane’s Latest Job

  1. Dude

    Lol. Good stuff. But why the hate? He’s just an actor trying to make it

  2. Martha Dycus

    Person who made comment 1 is very unhappy in his/her life. We must forgive that person for being so mean.

  3. greg

    The santa gig wasn’t his only one recently. Mywife rented a movie (the title was not worth remembering) in which Billy Zane plays a business man who is destroying a town by opening a wallmart type business. His daughter is trying to help a kid find a buried treasure and save the town. I can’t believe he would attach his name to such a low budget piece of crap! The child actors were terrible as well as the sets but the worse part is that he was second in the movies script to two nobody kids who can’t act.

  4. I just want to know one thing and that is this – who the hell are you twats to criticize him ? He has some memorable performances to his credit like in Titanic , The mummy etc . And if you guys feel you can act better than him why haven’t we seen your names light up the silver screens in Hollywood yet ? Easy to talk but difficult to do .

  5. Who the fucking bitch are u to tell that he sucks he is a cute star and specially hot!i love his part on demon knight he was cool and my friends have a fanclub of his we said his nice,cute,hot and v.good on acting..can u do what he can?!?

  6. Oh and specially,can u act the way he acts.?and excusme u should have respect to him.,he is talented,specially on titanic!wish more blessings to come to him so much..

  7. Leo

    Hey u guys can u pls respect him like the way he does to us.he is my idol!my inspiration when it comes to our roleplays in our school!and the other bitches,twats,that think he sucks ur losers!

  8. U bitches losers are just jealous coz he is famous and he can act great!u should not hav the right to tell that billy zane sucks u might hurt him he is just a person like us who can be hurt what if u have the site like this are u just laugh ofcors not ull be hurt!back to u who made this site!

  9. this site is so uncool….billy zane doesnt sucks!!!u ugly twarts are just jealous to him,he is famous!!to the past times!!how can u be so mean!!what bout if u have a site like this!ur gnna laugh ofcorse youll be hurt!!his just a person who can be hurt too!!llosers!all lies!!

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